Automatic Driving Lessons

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Derren Woods Driver Training

Driving Lessons

All lessons are delivered in a professional, calm and structured manner, tailored to the individual , guiding you through the DSA syllabus. You can book 1 hour, 1.30 hours or 2 hour lessons. Picking you up from work, school or home and of course dropping you off at an agreed destination.

Theory Products

I can guide you through your theory test and recommend the latest aids to help you pass first time.

Pass Plus

Once you have passed your driving test you can take advantage of the Pass Plus course.

This course is designed for the newly qualified driver to obtain a greater understanding and more experience of driving whilst having the benefit of a qualified driving instructor at your side.

This course is a minimum of 6 hours and once completed you receive a certificate from the DSA.

You may also benefit from up to 30% off your car insurance quotes from designated insurers who participate with the DSA and the Pass Plus scheme.

Refresher Course

This course is designed for the full license holder who hasn’t been behind the wheel for some time and needs a little help and encouragement to get back out on the roads again.

This course can also be beneficial to anybody who thinks that they need some help in any aspect of their driving, ie, bay parking in a car park. Or for anyone from outside the UK who wishes to improve their driving in this country.

Motorway Lessons

Motorway sessions are highly beneficial to the newly qualified driver as driving on these types of road requires unique skills and a high level of concentration when dealing with the higher speeds involved, junction types and traffic. These sessions are not only for the newly qualified driver as the more experienced driver may find this type of extra driver training can help if they are nervous on motorways or find that driving on these roads is really stressful.

Eco Driving

With the ever increasing cost of fuel have you ever wondered how you can save money ?

Well with today’s advancement in car technology and modern driver training techniques you will save money in the course of a year, why not call me and find out more.

I will need to speak to you personally before booking any lessons so that I can gather the following information for insurance purposes.

Information I shall need from you.

  1. Driving Licence Number
  2. Theory Certificate Number (For practical test booking, if you have passed it)
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Full Name and Address
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Your Availability
  7. Lesson Type (Learner, Pass Plus ect)
  8. Driving Experience
  9. Payment Method